Company Profile PictureWho are We!?

In order to meet the requirements of the interchanging speed of business and trends, we aims to provide customers design and packaging consultancy in terms of retail and product packaging by providing variety of materials such as Polypropylene (PP) Products, Woven and Non-Woven bag, Paper Bag, Paper Box and Gift Box, Leather Gifts, Customized Gifts in order to meet the demand of our clients.


Manufacturing plants are located in Malaysia and China, both manufacturing plants are well-equipped with up-to-date production facilities, varieties of material of texture paper swatches, leather and cloth covering materials, and skilful manpower in order to cater the needs of customers for their gift box packaging needs in terms for their marketing and branding purpose. Gift boxes such as Perfume Boxes, Moon Cake Boxes, Wine Gift Boxes and other related hard cover box packaging are essential for retail business in today’s context as packaging becomes the first main primary attraction to customers.


Our products ranges from red packets,  paper bag, craft paper bag, cloth-shopping bag, Non-Woven Bag, woven bag, Eco-friendly bag, Tote bag, Jute bag, Canvas Bag, Cotton bag, Handmade Box, Gift Box, Chocolate Box, Jewellery Box, Mooncake Box, Art Card Paper Box, Leather Gifts and etc.


Commercial Printing such as brochures, annual reports also provided in order to meet the needs for the daily usage in companies and corporates.


Ever being attracted by the luxurious and eye-catching of the packaging of the product that blows up your mind? Be it perfume, luxurious goods or gifts, great packaging appearance plays an important and critical role in distinguishing a brand and at the same time, capturing consumer’s appeal.


In Viva, where creativity sparkles and quality satisfaction assured, offers comprehensive all-in-one solution for conceptualization and consultancy for customer’s packaging and branding. We always believe a great packaging combines quality and innovation that brings out the “wow” factor for customer’s marketing plans. Simultaneously brings outstanding of the customer’s position in this extremely competitive market with their branding through packaging and designs.


We strive to provide all our global partners with high quality products & services. We aim not just provide to solely packaging to customers, but at the same time, we aimed to enclose our professionalism, ideas and innovations to packaging so that customers get enhanced branding and packaging cater for festive seasons and annual events, thus enhance their respective company and corporate image.